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Crash by J G Ballard

This another of the "Vintage Blue" books I got. There was a pack of seven or eight, and when you get books like that, there's always one you aren't fond of. I did try to read this book, but after reading the first three chapters I had no interest in the slightly bizarre plot, the main character, or what might possibly happen him.
What I read, is set against the early 70s, late 60s possibly, as the book was originally published in 1973. The main character is in a car crash, and we are party to his thoughts immediately after the crash, and during his recovery, and they were that strange I'm afraid that is when I lost patience. Perhaps it was the long descriptions that got to me, I'm not entirely sure, just despite giving the book a good shot, it's not for me.
Maybe one day I'll pick it up again, and try to read it. for more about J C Ballard


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