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I must say, this book was a disappointment. I first found Berry when I discovered his book The Templar Legacy. Ever since reading Brown's book, I've been just devouring any and all books pertaining to the Knights Templar. I quickly followed that up by reading all of his other books. Each one was unique and exciting in its own way. I even like that his last three books all featured the same trilogy of main characters, so that you get to know them better.

But this book was a disappointment. After finishing it, I was like... okay, who cares? I think Berry could've done a much better job with the basis of the plot - finding the mysterious location of Alexander the Great's final resting place and the equally mysterious draught that was said to be a cure-all in Alexander's day. But when he threw in the sub-plot of a scientist who'd discovered the cure for HIV/AIDS through these microbes found in a pool in a cave in the mountains, I felt that the main plot was just anti-climactic. And I didn't like the way he's tried to force two of his leads into a romantic relationship. It just didn't work for me as well.

I hope that in the future Steve should take his time a bit more and really come up with something good. Of course if his next book is less than stellar, then I'll know he's fallen into the same trap as other writers: writing just for the money. Not to tell a good story.

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  1. Sea said...
    Do you know..that is exactly how I felt when finishing Cold Mountain.
    So, bloody what, who cares?
    You mean I have ploughed my way through all that cr*^ to have a lousy ending?

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