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I believe that Blue put that I don't like romances, which is true, but this isn't any more a romance than Indiana Jones films are romances.
As with all Tom Holt books, it takes a fairly simple setting, and throws into the mix some totally unexpected events, and you have a really good book as a result. They aren't found with the fantasy books for nothing. Tom Holt stretches your imagination as far as it will go, and then takes off at a tangent, probably why I like his writing.

The bumph on this book only gives you a hint of the flavour of the book, you know the way a cook could tell you one ingredient they will be using is Tabasco sauce, but you have no idea what they are making, but you'd still love the result.

From the moment Homo Sapiens descended from the trees, possibly onto their heads, humanity has striven towards civilisation. Fire. The wheel. Running Away from furry things with more teeth than one might reasonably expect - all are testament to man's ultimate supremacy.
It is a noble story and so, of course, complete and utter fiction.
For one man has discovered the hideous truth that humanity's ascent to civilisation has been ruthlessly guided by a small gang of devious frogs.
Frogs rule the universe.
The man's name is David Perkins and his theory is not, on the whole, widely admired, particularly by the frogs themselves who had, frankly, invested a great deal of time and effort in keeping the whole thing quiet.


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