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This book, by Bernard Cornwell, is one I discovered after recently joining a forum focused on historical fiction. I've been attracted to historical fiction for a number of years, but never really thought about how I might find such books as there's not really a genre for it, per se.

This is the first book I purchased from my TBR (to be read) list I began after joining the forum. The title pretty much gives away what the book is about, at its core. But it's so much more than that. Most people have believed that Stonehenge was built and used by the Druids, which is a false belief as they would've performed rituals in the woods, not out in the open amongst stones. Stonehenge is far older than that, believed to have been built during Britain's Bronze Age.

While the core of the story is the building of the great monument, the surrounding story gives us an idea of the belief system and way of life during this far distant period of time. The story itself revolves around three brothers - Lengar, Camaban and Saban - who vie for control of their tribe and attempt to control the very gods they worship. Ultimately it is Saban who builds the great stone temple which history will later call Stonehenge.

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  1. Sea said...
    Told you it was good. Bernard Cornwell, no relation to Patricia, is a very good author.
    He's the writer of the Sharpe books.
    For more info on this author and his books.

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