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This book is from the writer of the TV series "Spooks". And from what I have seen of "Spooks" is in the same vein.
Charlie and George appear to have very mundane jobs. They work together in a photo developing both in one of the London Underground stations. Except that their job at the photo developing booth is just a cover for their real job, but neither knows that the other has another job. Neither knows what the other does, nor ever should do. Until they both receive their next "post". This opens a whole can of worms, and some very tense times follow, coupled with some almost farcical moments.
The novel has a nice circular ending, in that it brings back the opening action in the closing pages of the book. The action is so full of red herrings, it could stock a supermarket fish counter.
The basic premise is that in the secret service one member doesn't know other members. The author then puts two working in close proximity, and gives them both "hits", each having the other as their "hit". The "trust no-one maxim" is tested again and again.
I know that this all sounds a little contrived, but it is a very easy to read book, with short punchy chapters, accessible language, and very believable characters.


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