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When I read all the blurb and whatnot on the covers of this book, I thought that they might be a little over stated. But as I read more and more I found myself agreeing with them.
The book is about a young girl and her quest for the "Truth" behind finding her teacher dead.
The blurb on the back of the book says;

She found her teacher dead - hanging by a piece of electrical cord.
The North Carolina police think it was suicide. Her former friends - the Bluebloods - blame her fro being there. And her father tells her to leave it alone. But Blue van Meer is a student of books and can't let a mystery go. Because all her life puzzles both complicated and intricate have littered her path - her mother's death in a car crash; a childhood spent roaming from town to town; her Dad's serial affairs.

Are these the fantasies of a teenager too lonely or too clever for her own good? Or has Blue stumbled on something so dark, so devious that her whole world is about to be flipped upside down?

Another bit on the cover compares the novel with The Secret History and The Virgin Suicides, I haven't read the second, but it is every bit as engaging as Tartt's novel. I would add another to compare it with, the end of this novel throws up similar questions as does Life of Pi, leaving the reader to decide on what they want to believe the novel to have meant.
As a first novel it is certainly memorable, and I would definitely be interested in another by the same author.


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