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Anyone who's read at least the first book of the Harry Potter series will recognise the name of the main character of this book. One Nicholas Flamel, to the best of my knowledge the only real person featured in the HP series. He was a real alchemyst in the 1300s. This book also takes place in the 21st century and features Nicholas and his wife, Perenelle, also immortal, and a pair of teenaged twins they meet in San Francisco, California.

I actually stumbled across this book about a week ago while looking up information for a question on Yahoo Answers. It caught my eye enough that I immediately rang my local Borders Books and had them hold a copy for me. I didn't start reading immediately because I had to finish Tunnels which turned out to be a disappointment. *sigh*

If you like books involving magic (not the stage variety either), I highly recommend this book.


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