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I only managed to read as far as page 41 in this novel before I gave up on it.
Stream of consciousness novels are not really my kind of read, and this is very disjointed, as the narrator into whose consciousness we are being given an insigth is a drug addict.  He leaves of sentences half way through and jumps scenario, topic and time.  I realise that this might be how a drug addict thinks, but it just got very frustrating and I gave up.
I have read stream of consciouness novels in the past and found most of them readable, but not the best book I have ever read. 
I might in the future give this novel another try, as I have read If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things by the same author, and from what I remeber I liked it.
My dislike might also be down to having just read two very different books and the change of pace threw me.


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