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I'd seen rave reviews about this book, about how good it was, how it was a MUST read book.
I wasn't disappointed, although none of the stuff I'd read had actually said what the book was about.
The Poisonwood Bible is told by five narrators. A mother and her four daughters, for most of the book.  You would think that wouldn't make for much variety, but it does.
Nathan Price, a Baptist preacher goes on a mission to the Belgian Congo in 1959.  Not so long ago, you probably think, but the conditions they encounter there pose challenges to the whole family.  The Poisonwood Bible follows them through the mission, and the following events, and how each of them copes with the life they now find themselves living, from the inwardly, and sometimes outwardly screaming narration of one daughter, to the "big adventure/loads of new opportunities" viewpoint of another.  This book is how going on the mission changes the life, for ever, of the Price family.
This description doesn't do it justice, if you love a good book, give it a try.


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