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The Gargoyle By Andrew Davidson is one of those books that gets it's hooks into you and pulls you in. The start is pretty gruesome, and if you read past it you are in a for a very entertaining tale, where the un-named narrator recovers from a horrific car accident, leaving him with extensive bodily burns. He is helped through this by Marianne, a woman who might have mental health issues, or she might as she claims have lived several lives with the un-named narrator. Provided you can stomach some of the more graphic descriptions in this book, you are in for a very good read.

Scarlet by Stephen Lawhead tells a version of Will Scarlet's tale, of Robin Hood's band. It is a very well researched book, and an enjoyable read. As there is some dispute as to whether Robin Hood existed it is no small wonder that there are several stories springing up around him and his band. Scarlet is the second of a trilogy by Lawhead, but can be read as a stand alone novel, as I read it.


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