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I'd got this for a couple of quid when I bought True History of the Kelly Gang, by the same author. I wasn't altogether sure what to expect, the back cover of my copy gives nothing away about the plot.

Daring, original, intense and bizarre, Oscar and Lucinda is a brilliant achievement - a moving love story and historical tour de force that is also powerfully contemporary.

Is the only indication on the back cover of what the story is about....but it is no over-sentimental, slushy, love story, it's more of an adventure, following Oscar and Lucinda's lives from life changing points early on, until the end of one of them. I had no trouble picturing Oscar who is a very quirky and strong character. Lucinda also stands out from the crowd in her mid Victorian world.
The novel won the Booker prize in 1988
The cover of my copy is very unimposing, and skillfully masked the gem within the covers.


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