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A first person narrated novel. Mostly internal recollection, but when the main character talks to someone it is reported as first person narrative. It isn't until almost then end of the novel we learn the main character's name, and unless the name hadn't been used by the other character, in place of their own, it probably would never have been revealed. In that respect I found the novel rather like Rebecca, in that we are shown things through the eyes of a character who we don't know the name of.
The whole of the novel is the reminiscences of the narrator.

In the early sixties on an East Anglian beach a fragile wooden hut is harried daily by the sea. It is ignored by the boys from the nearby boarding school who stumble past on their birch-enforced runs. Until the day one sixteen-year-old boy stops and comes face to face with the hut's owner: enigmatic, beguiling, beautiful Finn. The hut and the beach - but most of all Finn - provide a haven away from petty rules and bullies. But they also hold a mysterious, fragile secret. A secret that will be tested by friendship, growing adolescent love and the terrifying fury of the sea. . .

This novel is a lovely lyrical recollection of the narrator's youth, a particular fondly remembered episode.
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