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Why this book has sat unread on my bookcase for so long I really don't know.
On the front cover of my says "Three secrets, two women, one grail"
I really don't know if that encompasses the novel enough
Throughout the narrative is split between Alice in the 20th Century, and Alais in the late 13th century, the novel is not confusing in the slightest.
I found that I really couldn't put the book down, staying up late into the night to finish it.
I know Blue has also read this novel, pre-blog set up. I also know she enjoyed it as well, as she loves "grail" novels.

I will say that I am looking forward to reading Sepulchre soon.

I'm just going to muscle my way into Sea's post to add my own bit about this book. I read it several months ago, possibly even a year ago now, but never got around to blogging about it. *rolls eyes* I have enjoyed all of the various books I've read involving the Knights Templar and any of the related topics - such as this - and Labyrinth was no exception. I know others from HFO have wall-slammed the book for whatever reason, but I am one of the few who have truly enjoyed it.

As Sea stated above, it was not difficult to follow jumping back and forth between centuries because it was mostly broken up along chapter lines. This is one of those books which shed light more on the Cathars and how they came to be related with the Knights Templar. It's a very moving book about people who stood strong in their faith, which I think anyone should respect.


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