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Two women are killed in the same horrific, ritualistic manner. The murderer taunts the police with e-mails. It seems clear that a serial killer is at work, selecting victims at random and living out some twisted fantasy.

But, as Jan Fabel and his murder team investigate further, nothing is at it first seems. They are drawn into a dark half-world of Viking myth and legend, of obscure religious cults, of political intrigue and of a violent struggle to seize control of the city.

And as Fabel desperately races to track down the killer before more killings take place, he and his team come face-to-face with a cold, brutal menace they could never have predicted.

A greater evil than they could ever have imagined.

This is a very well written book, the only difficulty I had was the various rank in the German police hierarchy, but these are explained before the story begins. It definitely was one of those books I have difficulty putting down, and found myself reading in preference to watching TV.
The end was conclusive, but inconclusive, leaving it wide open for another story about Jan Fabel and his team. I will give one word of warning however, there are parts of the story where there are some very blunt descriptions, so it isn't for you if you tend to be squeamish.


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