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Well, I finished the previous book on the bus on the way to the bookshop, so had nothing to read on the journey back, apart from the new books in my bag. I started this one straight away.

It is 1953, and in San Francisco Pearlie, a dutiful housewife finds herself caring for both her husband's fragile health and her polio afflicted son. The one Saturday morning someone from her husband's past appears on their doorstep.
His arrival throws all the certainties by which Pearlie has lived into doubt, and she is brought face to face with the desperate measures people are prepared to take to escape the conflict of their lives.

At first glance from the bumph, it looks like a normal story that will progress into the story of an affair, and the way the three characters cope with it, but all is far from what it seems. A lot of "moral/legal" questions are thrown up, some which didn't even cross my mind until they were stated in black and white. I don't like spoiling books, so I will keep quiet about what surprised me, apart from the fact this particular novel continued to surprise from start to finish. for more details about the author and his books.


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