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I discovered this book thanks to Waterstone's Books Quarterly. It was one of their...if you like this book, you will like this one too, books. The link in this case was Poppy Shakespeare, which I haven't read as yet, but have watched the TV dramatisation
However, the title of this book also intrigued me. "Broken Biscuits".....when I was young......Mum would buy broken biscuits from the market. They were cheaper, and many biscuits that were beyond my parents weekly budget would be in the broken biscuit mix. I don't know if Liz Kettle meant readers to make this connection, but I did. My sister would shake the biscuit tin, deliberately before choosing her biscuits, as we were under strict instructions to "eat the broken biscuits first"....the implication of this being, if guests came, they could choose the whole biscuits. As I said, I have no idea if this is the link Liz Kettle made when choosing the title, but the characters in the novel are both damaged in some way.
The novel could be confusing, as Aggie's narrative goes backwards, and Jodie's goes forwards, but both women are struggling to make sense of their worlds. I really enjoyed this book, despite it's unsettling subject matter....after likes to think they might loose their marbles.


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