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In a New York slum, a tenant has mysteriously disappeared - leaving behind as huge collection of sick but brilliant paintings.
For art dealer Ethan Muller, this is the discovery of a lifetime. He displays the pictures in his gallery and watches as they rocket up in value.
But suddenly the police want to talk to him. It seems that the missing artist had a deadly past. Sucked into an investigation four decades cold, Ethan will uncover a secret legacy of shame and death, one that will touch horrifyingly close to home - and leave him fearing for his own life.
A brilliant and thought-provoking thriller that flips between past and present, The Brutal Art will appeal to anyone who enjoyed The Interpretation of Murder.

This book lived up to the blurb, and more. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The past and present storylines knit together very well. I haven't read The Interpretation of Murder, but think I have it in my "waiting to be read" pile somewhere.
Jesse Kellerman is the son of Faye and Johnathon Kellerman, but doesn't need his parents success to help him along.


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