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This was my Yule pressie from Blue. :)
Scarpetta is now on assignment in New York, and she is brought in on a case. We learn that Pete Marino has not died, but is working back on his old stamping ground in New York. Scarpetta is unaware of this, which is surprising as Benton, her husband, arranged it.
But the case Scarpetta is called in on is not her usual run of the mill, (are they ever?) case, as this "client" is alive, he thinks he is being framed. The case seems to take on a sinister turn, and it becomes obvious the killer is not Oscar Bane, but someone who either knows Scarpetta, or has studied her way of working.
I won't spoilt the book for you, but it ends in the usual tense style, with the killer being brought to justice.
I enjoyed this book, and am glad that Marino had not committed suicide.


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