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This book started very slowly, and to be honest I was beginning to wonder if I should have another book "on the go", however, the book got interesting . So this is definitely a "stick with it, it's worth it" book, in my eyes anyway.
Set in the 1700s we follow the life of Emilie Selden, through her own eyes. As always with a first person narrator, they disagree with other characters when they oppose them. After all it is only human nature, so Emilie is a good narrator from her point of view, but unreliable from the the reader's point of view.
Emilie is a very strong willed young woman in a time when the patriarchal society was strong. She could be said to be ahead of her time.

for a link to bumph from the book, etc

I would be inclined to look for moreof Katherine McMahon's boooks


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