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Book Update

In the past few weeks I have read three books. All three were entertaining books, but also I would probably not read any one of them again.

You are probably wondering what books they are.
Well, they are as follows;
The Virgin Suicides by Jeffery Eugenides;
God's Own Country by Ross Raisin;
26a by Diana Evans.

The first, well, I read it, and finished it, partly because I had read Middlesex by the same author, and enjoyed it. However, for me, The Virgin Suicides lacked narrative drive. Like I say, I finished the book as I'd read another by the same author and thoroughly enjoyed it, but this one left me feeling flat.

The second is a first novel. I enjoyed it, but the book was left open-ended, not having a satisfactory conclusion to it, for me. This book is not for the faint hearted however, as it is rather dark, and the dialect used in it might put off some readers. (I'm lucky, I understood the dialect being used.) The whole book is an internal monologue by Sam, the main character, and entertaining if you can understand the dialect.

26a is on the surface a book about twin girls, but it has elements of possession, dream connections, and in the last part, a definite possession of one twin by the other. It confused me a little, but was a good read.
link to The Virgin Suicides
link to God's Own Country.
link to 26a


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