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I decided to read this book as it had received a good write up in the Waterstones Magazine.
It's a first novel, and despite what I see as it's shortcomings, it is a very good, readable novel.
The setting is the music publishing industry, the main character, thoroughly unlikeable, but interesting man named Steven Stelfox. By that I mean, if he were real, and I met him, I would steer well clear, as he lives in the "rarefied" world of the music industry and his only use for women is to save him a little DIY.
This novel would probably make for a very interesting film, and if it is made into a film, it would be worth a viewing. Mind you...I hated the Bridget Jones character in the novel, but thoroughly enjoyed the film. Casting, and bringing the characters to life can do wonders.
The other thing I disliked about the novel was the use of profanities. They may have been instrumental to the plot, but there were more than I thought necessary.
That aside, I DID enjoy the novel, and if I ever met Steven Stelfox I think I'd want to slap him, but I guess that is the anticipated reaction. After all, Casanova was cavalier in his treatment of women, but it didn't stop them liking him enough to sleep with him.
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