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AD 79 and Agricola, the ruthless governor of Roman Britain, is turning his attentions to the last unconquered territory in Britain - Alba, Scotland. Rhiann is a courageous and beautiful Scottish princess and priestess scarred by her violent past. Of noble blood, she faces what for her is the ultimate sacrifice - a forced marriage - to protect the freedom of her people. Eremon is an enigmatic Irish prince, an exile, who must seek an alliance elsewhere to regain his throne. Will he prove himself the man who can unite the squabbling Celtic tribes against the more ominous threat of Rome? With war and chaos looming for her people, Rhiann finds herself drawn into an unexpected journey of the spirit and heart, which will reveal the true purpose of her life.

Though it's been a few months since I finished reading this beautiful epic tale, it's been difficult to find the right words to express my feelings about the book. I'm now only a fraction of the way into the second book, The Dawn Stag, and am enjoying it as much as the first.

Jules Watson does a masterful job of drawing you into the story and truly making you feel as though you are there. At least she did for me. At heart I am a first-rate Anglophile and want to devour every part of the history of this ancient land and this book opened up Scotland in a way I'd never dreamed possible.

While this story is not about a well-known historical figure, it is about a people who were very real and stood firm for what they believed in. They were one of the few who were able to stand against the mighty Roman Empire. If you want a glimpse into the lives of the Ancient Alban people, I highly recommend The White Mare as a good place to start.

You might also visit the author's website to learn more about her and her own passion for the history of Scotland.


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