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This was a re-read for me, as I have read it at least twice before.
Saying that, it's a good 3, maybe 4, years since I read it last.
I still enjoyed it. I'd forgotten how difficult it is to put down.

Yes, this is the book that The Golden Compass film is based on. I haven't seen the film, but Blue has and she said that they'd left bits out.

Lyra when we first meet her has very little care in the world, she's a typical tomboy and the leader of her little circle of friends. She overhears something which changes her life, and she exchanges her adventures around Jordan college for much more interesting and dangerous ones. As she sails North to help rescue the children that have been going missing, she also aims to free Lord Asriel, who she thought was her uncle, but now finds is her father.
Lyra's adventures bring her into contact with gyptians, witches, tartars, armoured bears and an aeronaut.
Although published originally for teens, like many of Philip Pullman's books, Northern Lights has appeal for adults as well as teens.


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