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I really like books about vampires, so I picked this one, and thought, "great, there's quite a few, if I like it, they'll keep me occupied for a while."

The book is very well crafted and to someone who likes romantic fiction, it may appeal. However, if I buy a vampire book, any romance should take second place. I have read around 90 pages of the 300+, and the actual vampire story could have been told in around a quarter of the pages. The story is good, but the romantic interludes are too lengthy for me, also a little graphic, if I wanted erotic fiction, I would have chosen an erotic fiction book.

That aside the book is VERY WELL written, and easy to read, and if you care more about Prince Mikhail Dubrinsky's love/sex life than a vampire story, it is the book for you. (I'm sorry, the years have made me cynical.) I'd sooner have surprises sprung on me, as a vampire goes to do whatever is in his/her nature. I'm sure I'm in a minority as Christine Feenan is a best selling author.

I will finish the book, but only because I hate to leave books unfinished. (The last book I didn't finish was during my degree, I absolutely hated it, the character's left me cold, and I really didn't care what happened next....Middlemarch if you are interested.) I'll finish this and move on to something else.

for those who haven't been put off the author has her own website, it's quite comprehensive.

I'm sorry, but after another 20 pages, this is going to be an unfinished me the story is about the vampires, not the sex/love life of one vampire. Clearly this book was in the wrong section at the book shop, but then again, they don't have one headed rampant sexual gratification. the book is very well written, but not for me.


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