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Blue's visit to the UK!

Blue arrived here inthe UK last Friday, 25th January.
On Monday we ventured into the local city, and HAD to go to the book shop.
Blue felt guilty about buying the books she wanted, (they aren't available in the US, unless you pay ridiculous prices.) Then she was cheered by the books I for "research", but the others..just because I wanted to read them. ( I don't mind spending money on books.)
It was odd in the bookshop, Blue hadn't got a note of the books, but she'd told me which books she was looking for online. (I'm amazed I remembered which they were!)
The one's I bought were varied.....two Costa award winners, and "The Rose Of Sebastapol"
If she had room in her cases, Blue would be taking the last back to the US with her.

I have finished a book in the meantime, will write up about that tomorrow.

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  1. Blue said...
    You forgot to mention the fabulous quote on the outside of the carrier bag:

    'A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.'

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