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I'd picked up this book, because I'd read and enjoyed Copycat, another of Erica Spindler's novels. I wasn't disappointed. Again the story moved quickly, and was full of action.
The main detective in this novel is Captain Patti O'Shay, the novel starts off in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, then jumps forward to 2007.
Directly after the storm abated Captain Patti O'Shay's policeman husband is found dead, clubbed over the head and shot in twice in the back, minus his badge and service revolver.
In the aftermath of the storm NOPD come across someone's gruesome "Trophy" collection in the refrigerator graveyards.
Jumping forwards two years a corpse is unearthed in one of the parks, obviously a victim of the killer who's "trophies" they found, but in the shallow grave is Captain Sammy O'Shay's badge, his revolver is found in the vicinity, with the numbers filed off. When tested it is the gun used to kill him. This makes Patti more determined to catch the killer. The plot is very good , two police operations become tied together, and as the pace gathers it becomes a race against time to save Patti and family members becoming another statistic. The story is gripping from beginning to end. As with all detective novels there is a reasonable body count, and the reader can pick up the "clues" along the way, I must say the culprit was on my suspects list, but I think that is down to the fact I have written some fiction, and not that it is given away in any form.

For police captain Patti O'Shay, the discovery of a dead body is shocking, but part of the job.
A dead body with the right hand severed is disturbing.
But when a corpse is discovered with the police badge of her murdered husband, she is pushed over the edge.
Driven by revenge, and working outside the law. Patti vows to track down the monster responsible. But as the killings continue, it becomes clear that she is not the hunter - but the hunted.


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