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Well, as the previous suggests, I haven't been reading this for about a week. There was a book I won't blog about, because it annoyed me.
This one however didn't.
A slow start, while I tried to figure out where the story was going, but once the "scene" had been set, the pace picks up nicely. And lets be honest, you don't want the scene setting rushing, or the story seems less substantial.
When I got part way through this one, I decided to see if she has written anything else, and was suprised to see that several people disliked whichever of her books they read that they posted a bad review on Amazon! Saying that, after the slush I had just read, this was a welcome change.

The story is centred around Will Moreland, a psychologist, and starts with his wife saying goodbye to him as he leaves for a reunion at Cornell. It becomes clear that Will did not want to attend the reunion, and has an agenda, we also learn that Will has a brother, at the time it is not made clear that he has a twin brother, (it is later though.) Everyone seems more interested in the whereabouts of Will's brother. Eventually, Will meets the person he has attended the reunion to meet. Their discussion is heated, then Will leaves the reunion.
As the plot weaves we find out more about the brother, and Will. The reason for the title is not clear until over halfway through. If you like books that make you think, and aren't bored by the min character wandering off in their mind, up what seem like wild-goose chases, (they are all relevant.) You'll like this book. It definitely made me think.
Now here's the "spartan" bumph, just enough to intrigue.

Will has a good sex life - with the woman he married. So why then is he increasingly plagued by violent erotic fantasies? He's about to lose his grip when he attends a college reunion and there discovers evidence of a past sexual betrayal, one serious enough that it threatens to overpower the present. Hypnotic and beautifully written, this mesmerising novel explores how painful psychological truths long buried within a family can corrupt the present but, through courage and understanding, lead to healing and renewal.


  1. J. Kaye Oldner said...
    LOL - Love the new look. :)
    Sea said...
    Thanks, Blue changed it, she thought the other was uninspiring

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