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Thanks to my dear partner in crime here on this blog, I am one of the very few Americans who owns a copy of this book. It's available in the UK and has been republished by the same group who took on the task of publishing JK Rowlings 7-book series. They did so in the hopes of finding another gold mine like the Potter series.

I'm about thirteen chapters in and so far it's an interesting read, though somewhat slow. It's about a 14-year old boy who lives in a suburb of London, England and has a passion for archaeology like his father. According to the blurb on the back of the book, the main character, Will, and his best mate Chester, find a dark and terrifying secret below the streets of London. At 13 chapters into the book, Will's father has only just now disappeared which prompts Will to go in search of him, thereby making the discovery of the aforementioned secret. As I said, it's a slow plot. But I shall prevail. Perhaps something later will make up for this slow pace.


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